As ArkA Tasarım, we design and produce marketing communication products and services for our customers. We offer fast and high quality solutions as a solution provider.

Arka Tasarım has a strong team which consists of industrial designers, engineers and planning - marketing specialists. We have dynamic and innovative professionals to do specialized and high quality work for different services.

Arka Design's technological and expert technical staff always targets to bie initiative, supportive and reliable.

ArkA Tasarım is integrated marketing communications firm that gives great importance to customer's existing promotional activities and marketing communication strategies. ArkA team creates implementations and designs by keep on sticking onto these strategies.

ArkA Design Provides:

  • For displaying products Product Stands(P.O.P)
  • For advertising products  Advertisement Stands
  • Simulators for fun and education Simulator
  • Any kind of objects  Product Design
  • Promotional activities Gondolls and Pallet Decorating
  • For advertising and preview purposes  Product Models
  • Corporate identity  Corporate Architecture
  • For fairs Fair Stands
  • Space design and usage  Interior Architech
  • Product  Research & Develop