ArkA Design carries out all its organization and production in technical-administrative office, quality control, assembly, mold and prototype production park, indoor digital printing park, light metal production plant, injection production plant, outdoor digital printing plant and thermoform plastic forming production facility.

Mold and Prototype Production

  • Dahlih CNC Vertical Machining Center Comlete With Accesores Model: MCV-1020 BA (CNC vertical machining center)
  • CNC Router
  • Mounting auxiliary tools and benches used in the assembly line
  • Air milling cutter, horizontal cutting machine and compressor

Plastic Shaping

  • Tape cutting, Shear cutting, Vacuum pump
  • Thermo forming machine 1120x750x50
  • Thermo forming machine 950x900x50
  • Thermo shaping 1830x1030x50
  • Thermo forming machine 700x500x30

Digital Printing

  • Vutek 3300 Vu (outdoors solvent based printing in 360 dpi resolution)
  • Mutoh 64 / Tucon (720 dpi indoor and outdoor printing in high resolution, top quality car cast foil)
  • Infiniti 3360 (outdoor solvent based printing at 720 dpi resolution)
  • HP 5000 Ps (1440 dpi inkjet ink based interior printing, works of posters and duratrans prints etc)
  • Infiniti 3360 (outdoor solvent based printing at 720 dpi resolution)